About Let’s Talk Agric Limited – Vision, Mission and Objective

About Let’s Talk Agric Ltd.

About Let’s Talk Agric Ltd, a startup company with the aim of making available relevant information and services to farmers and agro base companies through the use of information and communication technologies to combat food insecurity, poverty and youth unemployment. Hence we are positioning our self to be Africa’s leading agriculture publication and an authoritative resource hub for the farmer, the would-be farmer and agribusinesses.


To be the leading agricultural information hub, agricultural policy think tank and a research institution in Africa


To educate and train farmers on best and new farming practices by providing them with vital and timely information through our ICT platforms and also provide them with necessary farm inputs so as to increase yield.


  • Educate farmers on new and improve farming methods
  • Make farming tools and materials easily accessible to farmers
  • Make sure farmers get their produce from the farm to buyers and get the best prices
  • Coach new farmers or agriprenuers to establish and operate their own agribusinesses
  • To provide loans for agribusiness startups
  • Develop policies and research papers to guide african governments on agriculture development
  • Develop new plant or crop varieties and animals breeds to increase productivity and crop yield


  • Excellent stewardship
  • Dedication and consistency
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Innovation
  • Competitiveness

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