Farm Machinery Hiring

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Farm Machinery Hiring

For many years, farmers have had a hard time accessing Farm Machinery to work on their farms due to financial and credit limitations. As a result, most farmers are unable to purchase or maintain farm equipment due to the high costs involved.

This in turn hinders farmer’s capacity to fully maximize on their farm’s output. In addition, equipment owners lose revenue as their farm equipment are only needed at a certain time of the year, rendering the equipment idle for the rest of year. To overcome this;

Let’s Talk Agric Limited together with our registered farm machinery owners, provide tractors, Trucks and farm implements rental services to both the smallholder farmers, as well as the larger commercial farmers.  

Our tractor operators and truck drivers have many years of experience in operating and transporting farm produce across borders in the West African sub-region.

It is our hope that this growth, which is in part as result of our customers’ satisfaction for our services, would allow us to serve you even better, because your business’ success is what we seek.


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