Farm Management Services

Farm Management Services

With our farm management service we begin with each client with a discussion to determine goals as well as specific short and long-term objectives and other considerations. 

Based on client goals, Let’s Talk Agric Ltd will handle all day-to-day operations of farm management, always keeping the client informed about changes in agriculture and their impact on the operation. 

Throughout the association with Let’s Talk Agric Ltd, we will keep the lines of communication open. 

Resource Evaluation 

Once we have determined our clients’ goals, we conduct a thorough initial farm analysis and environmental review. we will conduct the analysis and develop an inventory of available resources on the property from soil types to buildings. 

Let’s Talk Agric Ltd may also prepare a lease analysis and perform other evaluations to provide recommendations about options to achieve your goals. From this information, a comprehensive farm management plan is developed. 

Working with the Operator 

Teamwork is the order of the day when it comes to the operation of the farm. Because a good working relationship with the farm operator is essential to the success of Let’s Talk Agric Ltd – – and the success of the farm – – Let’s Talk Agric Ltd and operator will work closely throughout the year.

At the start of every crop season, we develop a farm management plan and operating budget with the farm operator. 

The plan, as well as any changes considered necessary during the year, will be submitted for your approval. 

If a new operator is needed on the farm, Let’s Talk Agric Ltd will interview likely candidates in the area and make a recommendation to you for operator selection. Then, with your approval, a new operator can be selected and placed on the farm. 

Timely Farm Inspections and Written Reports 

After each farm visit, we supply our client with various reports and records. The Crop Acreage Report is prepared each in the begining of the farming season and includes a plat of the farm and field-by-field crop acreage.

Regular farm inspections are made through the growing season followed by written reports to you to keep you informed of what is happening on the farm. Supplemental Reports are sent as required for special projects and approvals.

Within two weeks of harvest, harvest results are reported, inventory is accounted and a marketing plan is developed for any unsold inventory. 

At the end of the crop year, clients receive a complete analysis of the farm’s performance for the season. 


Our Team

Let’s Talk Agric Ltd places a high priority on the excellence of its management team, With our qualified and highly experience team, Let’s Talk Agric Ltd is able to draw from a deep well of knowledge.

Even with all of this experience, we believe it is essential to utilize the latest innovations in cultural practices.

Care and Conservation of the Land and the Environment 

Let’s Talk Agric Ltd understands the benefits of soil and water conservation as well as a clean environment and expects responsible soil stewardship on every managed farm.

We encourage practices that minimize soil and wind erosion, such as terracing, contouring, and no-till farming – practices which, in turn, improve productivity in both the short and long term. 

Farm operators are encouraged to develop a strong soil and water conservation ethic.

No, all of our contracts are one year in length.

We have to prove our value to our clients each and every year!


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